1:1 Coaching

Transform your confidence and self-belief through my 1:1 coaching program.​ This program is for driven women who are ready to release old expectations to look and behave a certain way, create true freedom, stop limiting themselves and step into their unique power.

Why you need a coach...

You know your life is meant for more but aren't sure how to get there.


You know what you need to do or the actions to move you forward but your fears are holding you back.

You keep putting other people's happiness before yours or using this as an excuse to avoid following through with your own plans.

You find it difficult to keep yourself accountable, stick to plans or believe you can change your life.

Imagine having time in your week where you focus purely on you without guilt, fear or excuses!

As your coach and cheerleader, I will be there to encourage and celebrate your progress. Your wellbeing and happiness is my top priority which is reflected in the calm, open space where I provide you with so you feel supported and heard. My coaching style combines practical strategy and mindset tools so that you get the best results. possible.

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Together, we can...

  • identify your happiness leaks and close the gap

  • let go of the limiting beliefs that are hindering your happiness

  • tap into who you really are and start living by your own values

  • reframe any negative thought patterns to a positive and loving narrative

  • break free from the unrealistic expectations set by society

  • find your confidence to take up your rightful place

  • set healthy boundaries and overcome people pleasing

  • develop your own set of tools to shut down comparison behaviour

  • appreciate other women without undervaluing yourself

  • feel the importance of putting yourself first

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When I reached out to Zoë, I was living in Vietnam and wanted to maintain a freedom lifestyle when I moved back to the UK. I also wanted to show up on my social media with more confidence and be able to be myself, but I was finding this tricky and had fears come up!

I was really excited to work with Zoë as my coach! From the moment we met, she made me feel completely comfortable to share everything with her (more than I would ever even tell family and friends!) I knew she got me and would support me without judgement which felt safe.  I remember looking forward to getting started and that's a testament to how comfortable she made me feel on our initial call. 

I went into the series thinking I need structure and routine to be productive in my life/career. Zoë supported me in realising that it was my self-trust that needed the most work, which was a huge moment of realisation. Zoë helped me to firstly realise exactly what I liked and wanted for myself, and then step into my ideal life much sooner than I ever thought was possible! It is so exhilarating to make my own rules!

I definitely stepped into more of my true self in several areas of my life throughout the series. Zoë met me exactly where I was at, at the time of each session and worked with me to support me where I needed it the most. I always felt completely heard, encouraged to be my best, supported through my decisions and challenged to reach even higher for myself! 

A huge thank you for such a transformational and supportive series filled with exciting possibilities and congratulations to the amazing life coach that you are. I feel like you're a true friend that I've had for years and it felt so natural to open up to you! You truly have the coaching gift.

What do I get?


Clarity Questionnaire

​Using powerful questions, you will explore what you want to get from coaching and get to the core of what your heart truly desires. It is a chance for you to really reflect on what is holding you back and begin to get clarity on what you want to change.



Clarity Call

During this free call, we will delve into your questionnaire a little deeper so that we both know exactly what you are hoping to achieve through coaching. You'll have the opportunity to ask me any questions about the coaching series, who I am, how I work and make sure that we're the perfect match  to help you reach your goals before our work together begins. There is absolutely no obligation at this stage – I promise no tacky sales techniques here!


60 Minute Goal Setting Call

In our first session together I will support you to set goals that inspire, excite and maybe even scare you (in a good way, I promise!) By the end of the call you’ll have your first set of focused actions, ready to kickstart your journey to happiness!



5x 60 minute Coaching Call

Each month we will have two one-to-one coaching calls together. We will shift your mindset, reframe your thoughts and rewrite your story so that you can finally start living your life the way you want to. Each session has the sole focus of you and I am there as your support, confidante and personal cheerleader.


Unlimited Whatsapp Support

You'll have direct access to me between sessions so that we can shift any blocks, refocus your motivation, celebrate your successes and keep you moving forwards.



Handpicked Resources

​To help your reach your beautiful vision, you will receive worksheets and resources picked just for you so that you can gain focus, explore your potential and align with where you want to be.

Your investment


£750 GBP

​ (payment plans are also available - please reach out if this works better for you)


Three months ago I wasn’t enjoying my current career and wanted to start writing but I was stuck as to how to make that happen. I was already thinking I needed someone on my side when I saw Zoë’s post about taking on clients and I thought, “Do it!”

I’d never had life coaching before - perhaps I thought I wasn’t worth it! Before our first call I was rather nervous. What if I looked silly or sounded stupid? However, I was also excited that it might help me with my confusion. By the end of that call, there was already a shift and I felt there was the possibility that my idea could work - that it was not such a crazy or scary idea. I felt like I could do this! 

Since working with Zoë, I have gone through big changes. My confidence is greater in putting what I want to do first. I have also noticed the need to let go of stuff, simplify my day, take time for myself and not feel guilty about it. My hubby also noticed that I have become more confident, clear and ready to take on adventure!

I loved the process and working with Zoë – it was an enlightening, uplifting and clarifying experience and I I felt supported and encouraged all the way. I am so happy I found clarity and now have the confidence to move forward into the writing world.



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When I started my coaching with Zoë, I was feeling stuck in a career I was unsure of and I was struggling to make changes due to my lack of confidence.  I had only recently heard about coaching so I was curious as to how it could help me. 

I was a bit nervous and unsure what to expect, but excited for a new challenge. After my first call with Zoë, I started to realise that things might actually change for me!

During our sessions, I realised I had been holding myself in negative space, but Zoë was able to
pull things out of me and helped me see situations in a different light. I really enjoyed how my goals were broken down into smaller actions so that they were less scary and overwhelming. I didn’t have to jump in and do it all straight away, it was about nudging myself a little further each time.


Since working with Zoë, I am more willing to do things without overthinking. Our time together gave me the push to care less about what other people think and just go for it! I’ve realised I’m quite good at being me and I don’t care what people think now - I don’t need the approval of anyone else!

The coaching series was fun, supportive and exciting - thank you for a fantastic 3 months!


I found  Zoe and her coaching business online and it's the best scroll I made and the best decision ever to work with a life coach and focus on my dreams. Zoe is professional through and through, from my initial contact with her, all forms of communication and worksheets were well planned out and thought provoking.  Zoe is professional yes, as well as approachable and understanding. She quickly found what worked for me and pushed me at any opportunity to achieve more before our next session. 

Zoe has encouraged and supported me through a 12 week program to achieve goals I didn't think were possible due to my lack of confidence and belief in myself at the time. This coaching series has been an amazing journey and one that will certainly shape my future. An experience that has unleashed the confident woman that was hiding away from living her best life.

Thank you Zoe for being all of the above and helping me become a better version of me. You created a safe, non-judgemental place for me to grow. For that I'm so grateful.

This woman can! 
This woman has a value and believes in herself!  
This woman accepts who she is and works her hardest to keep on developing.

Thank you Zoe mainly for feeling like the best friend I never had... a really knowledgeable, talented one at that! 

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Got questions?

Email me at hello@she-is.co.uk or DM me on Instagram @she.is.coaching if you have any questions!