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A private coaching container designed with the introverted woman at heart. For women who who have never quite felt like they were made for this world. The women who’ve been told that they’re too sensitive, too quiet, too boring...  The women who can’t help but feel like a better world is possible.


Coach In My Pocket

1:1 coaching

Why you need a coach...

You know your life is meant for more but aren't sure how to get there.


You know what you need to do or the actions to move you forward but your fears are holding you back.

You keep putting other people's happiness before yours or using this as an excuse to avoid following through with your own plans.

You find it difficult to keep yourself accountable, stick to plans or believe you can change your life.

Imagine having time in your week where you focus purely on you without guilt, fear or excuses!

As your coach and cheerleader, I will be there to encourage and celebrate your progress. Your wellbeing and happiness is my top priority which is reflected in the calm, open space where I provide you with so you feel supported and heard. My coaching style combines practical strategy and mindset tools so that you get the best results possible.

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If you're looking for a coach who feels more like a best friend, has been through the same things you have and who is willing to do the hard with WITH you, you're in the right place!


Together, we can...

  • identify your happiness leaks and close the gap

  • let go of the limiting beliefs that are hindering your happiness

  • tap into who you really are and start living by your own values

  • reframe any negative thought patterns to a positive and loving narrative

  • break free from the unrealistic expectations set by society

  • find your confidence to take up your rightful place

  • set healthy boundaries and overcome people pleasing

  • develop your own set of tools to shut down comparison behaviour

  • appreciate other women without undervaluing yourself

  • feel the importance of putting yourself first


Hi, I'm Zoë!

I'm a qualified life coach and I help introverted women find their happiness, prioritise their wellbeing and live a life that fulfils and excites them.


As a proud introvert myself, it's my mission to help my fellow introverts, empaths and highly sensitive souls see that the things that make them different, are what make them powerful!

Before I became a coach, I didn't really know who I was, or how to find out! I felt pretty alone because I didn't know anyone who was like me and I thought the answer to all my problems was to keep trying to fit into society's moulds. 


I had no idea how to start accepting myself but desperately wanted to be comfortable with who I was and start living the life I deserved. I bought self-help books, downloaded all the free resources I could get my hands on and signed up to countless mailing lists! But none of it got me where I wanted because I was neglecting the inner work - once I gave it the attention it needed, everything changed.

I believe you have everything you need within you – you just need some help to find it.


I believe that you know how to love yourself and be happy, but external influences have made you feel like you shouldn’t or that you don’t deserve it. I’m here to help you shut out the noise and come home to you.


I believe you deserve happiness, freedom, and confidence. And I’m determined to give you the tools to create those feelings in every area of your life.

When I started my own journey to happiness, I couldn't find a container that played to my strengths and communication style - so I created it myself!


An introvert-friendly, high touch space where you are encouraged to approach life in your own way, to use your need for reflection and processing time to your advantage and feel heard and seen for who you really are. A space where you have someone in your corner with a deep, unwavering in belief in you and what you are capable of!

The Pocket Coach Method


The Pocket Coach Method - My Proven Process

I've worked with a wide range of clients - from those wanting to start businesses to others wanting to make more time for themselves. I started to see a pattern that many of my clients were struggling not only with how to make positive changes in their lives, but also the deep inner work that was blocking them every time they started to move forward.


So often, we have an idea of what we want and jump straight in and create an action plan to get there but neglect the soul work.

In fact, even I was guilty of trying to skip the inner work believing that it would all come together once I had achieved my goals and all I needed to focus on were strategies and taking action. But, I started to realise that neglecting the soul work was even leaving ME feeling disconnected from who I was, second guessing my decisions and never really feeling like my life was mine.

As soon as I integrated all four components, things started to shift dramatically:

  • I was able to let go of people pleasing and trying to prove myself meaning that I had more energy to spend on the things I wanted to do.

  • I have healthy boundaries that allow me to build strong relationships based on respect and care.

  • I know who I am and am secure in my sense of self so I can show up with confidence and feel comfortable in any situation.

  • But most of all, I was able to share this with my own clients and witness the transformation in them too.

What makes Coach In My Pocket unique?

Personalised support that meets you exactly where you are 

Private coaching held in Voxer using text message and voice note - no awkward video calls here!

Tailor made worksheets,  resources and meditations to support you at each stage of your container

Access to The Introvert Clubhouse for the duration of your container

Your own private dashboard with access to your goals, actions and resources

Email access between coaching sessions


Voxer Coaching

Almost all coaching packages are based around video calls every 2 weeks which can feel intimidating and overwhelming for introverts! Instead, we will have weekly coaching sessions held on Voxer over a 4 hour period (various times available)

This gives us plenty of time to chat through what is going on for you and how you are progressing towards your goals. It's your time to identify areas where you aren't feeling happy or fulfilled and move through the blocks to start building true and lasting happiness and contentment. 

I will guide you with writing prompts, coaching tools and suggestions to help you make real progress toward your goals.  You can use your phone, or the web app and use text messages or voice notes - whatever works best for you!

Monthly Deep Dive

We will dedicate 1 hour each month to review where you are and what you need. 


This will take place at the start of your coaching day. We will spend an hour messaging back and forth to set goals & figure out what you want to achieve over the 12 weeks.

At the start of every month we will bring focus to your overall goal, reflect on the last month, celebrate your successes and set an intention for the coming weeks.

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Personalised Dashboard 

To help you stay organised and accountable, you will be given access to your own private dashboard. This is where you will find your goals, action steps, checklists, check ins and resources! 


Your resources will be handpicked for you: from worksheets and journal prompts to meditations and visualisations. 

Access To The Introvert Clubhouse

The monthly membership to help introverts utilise their superpowers in order to show up authentically in their lives, build strong relationships and feel at ease in any situation!

The Clubhouse is jam packed with resources and tools to propel your self-development even further! Every month get access to an exclusive workshop, workbook, meditation, weekly challenge and our silent book club. You will get your own login to the members area so you can work through all the past and present resources in your own time.


Click here to find out more about The Clubhouse 


This is for you if you...

  • Like the idea of a coach but feel uncomfortable on or hesitant to have a call.

  • Want personalized coaching support but can't handle one more zoom meeting.

  •  Don’t know where to start or who to trust and you're looking for someone who deeply cares about you and your success

  • Love personal development books and podcasts but never seem to be able to implement what you learn.

  • Want to take control of your time and put an end to feeling overwhelmed but don't know where/how to start. 

  • Become motivated then almost instantly slip into self doubt that stops you from taking action toward your goal.

  • Have been looking for the one on one coaching support that values and is built around your introverted nature

  • Prefer to have time to think and reflect rather than answering questions on the spot.


Coach In My Pocket - 1:1 Coaching

12x 1:1 coaching sessions (4 hour window) held in Voxer

3x Monthly deep dives

Unlimited email support between sessions

Private dashboard with your action steps and resources

Handpicked resources and personalised meditations where appropriate

Access to The Introvert Clubhouse for 3 months

          Monthly workshops



          Guest Experts

          Audio Weekly Pep Talks

          Live coaching

1) Bonus Day of Coaching
2) Email support starting immediately.

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6 Month Plan



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When I reached out to Zoë, I was living in Vietnam and wanted to maintain a freedom lifestyle when I moved back to the UK. I also wanted to show up on my social media with more confidence and be able to be myself, but I was finding this tricky and had fears come up!

I was really excited to work with Zoë as my coach! From the moment we met, she made me feel completely comfortable to share everything with her (more than I would ever even tell family and friends!) I knew she got me and would support me without judgement which felt safe.  I remember looking forward to getting started and that's a testament to how comfortable she made me feel on our initial call. 

I went into the series thinking I need structure and routine to be productive in my life/career. Zoë supported me in realising that it was my self-trust that needed the most work, which was a huge moment of realisation. Zoë helped me to firstly realise exactly what I liked and wanted for myself, and then step into my ideal life much sooner than I ever thought was possible! It is so exhilarating to make my own rules!

I definitely stepped into more of my true self in several areas of my life throughout the series. Zoë met me exactly where I was at, at the time of each session and worked with me to support me where I needed it the most. I always felt completely heard, encouraged to be my best, supported through my decisions and challenged to reach even higher for myself! 

A huge thank you for such a transformational and supportive series filled with exciting possibilities and congratulations to the amazing life coach that you are. I feel like you're a true friend that I've had for years and it felt so natural to open up to you! You truly have the coaching gift.


Three months ago I wasn’t enjoying my current career and wanted to start writing but I was stuck as to how to make that happen. I was already thinking I needed someone on my side when I saw Zoë’s post about taking on clients and I thought, “Do it!”

I’d never had life coaching before - perhaps I thought I wasn’t worth it! Before our first call I was rather nervous. What if I looked silly or sounded stupid? However, I was also excited that it might help me with my confusion. By the end of that call, there was already a shift and I felt there was the possibility that my idea could work - that it was not such a crazy or scary idea. I felt like I could do this! 

Since working with Zoë, I have gone through big changes. My confidence is greater in putting what I want to do first. I have also noticed the need to let go of stuff, simplify my day, take time for myself and not feel guilty about it. My hubby also noticed that I have become more confident, clear and ready to take on adventure!

I loved the process and working with Zoë – it was an enlightening, uplifting and clarifying experience and I I felt supported and encouraged all the way. I am so happy I found clarity and now have the confidence to move forward into the writing world.



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Before we had our day together I was skeptical as to whether this type of coaching would work for me or provide any lasting affect on my lifestyle as I was struggling to motivate myself and make time for me amidst my hectic life. However, I can, in all honesty, say that you’ve provided me with tools I can literally use for
the rest of my life! It was great having the 1:1 support and the ability to text worked so well for me!


Even only a few days after our session, I’ve seen huge changes in my outlook and positivity within all aspects of my life. You’ve helped me feel like I can take control of my hectic life with simple tools that work for me, and essentially make time for myself. One of my big takeaways has been meditation which I’ve been doing daily since our day together and it’s helped me massively. Even my sleep has improved greatly since I’ve started it, so I can’t thank you enough for this! You’ve helped

in freeing me from the guilt I would have had for taking the time to make myself a priority!


Instead of procrastinating and making excuses, I’ve been setting out my day which allows me to feel organised and able to make time for myself which is needed with two young kids! You’ve helped me view the things I was struggling with from a completely different perspective and I can’t thank you enough!


I found  Zoe and her coaching business online and it's the best scroll I made and the best decision ever to work with a life coach and focus on my dreams. Zoe is professional through and through, from my initial contact with her, all forms of communication and worksheets were well planned out and thought provoking.  Zoe is professional yes, as well as approachable and understanding. She quickly found what worked for me and pushed me at any opportunity to achieve more before our next session. 

Zoe has encouraged and supported me through a 12 week program to achieve goals I didn't think were possible due to my lack of confidence and belief in myself at the time. This coaching series has been an amazing journey and one that will certainly shape my future. An experience that has unleashed the confident woman that was hiding away from living her best life.

Thank you Zoe for being all of the above and helping me become a better version of me. You created a safe, non-judgemental place for me to grow. For that I'm so grateful.

This woman can! 
This woman has a value and believes in herself!  
This woman accepts who she is and works her hardest to keep on developing.

Thank you Zoe mainly for feeling like the best friend I never had... a really knowledgeable, talented one at that! 

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Coach In My Pocket - 1:1 Coaching

12x 1:1 coaching sessions (4 hour window) held in Voxer

3x Monthly deep dives

Unlimited email support between sessions

Private dashboard with your action steps and resources

Handpicked resources and personalised meditations where appropriate

Access to The Introvert Clubhouse for 3 months

          Monthly workshops



          Guest Experts

          Audio Weekly Pep Talks

          Live coaching

1) Bonus Day of Coaching
2) Email support starting immediately.

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When I signed up for Coach In My Pocket, I was struggling with showing myself and putting myself out there on social media and what I imagine others are thinking.


I absolutely loved working with you and you’ve helped me feel so good about who I am and the strengths I have. I’ve ended the day with actions to implement straight away and ones I can put to use over time. I feel really excited about making connections; showing my personality in my online space and turning 2021 into my “Yeah but what if can, actually” year! I have nothing but praise about working with Zoë!


Before my day of Coach In My Pocket, I was struggling with finding my purpose, feeling confident and accepting my weight. A key thing for me was just being reminded that I’m not alone in my struggles; a lot of what is going through my head is natural. Talking about misconceptions was extremely helpful - why do people put up with things they don’t enjoy? You shouldn’t have to. We shouldn’t be doing what we do just to please other people, it should spark joy in ourselves. I now have more clarity in my mind about how I should move forward, with some exercises to get me started. I understand that these things won’t be resolved overnight and I need to spend some time exploring my thoughts and putting myself first. 


The coach for a day service is brilliant for anyone who finds the idea of face to face session daunting or anxiety inducing. It’s a great opportunity to have a back and forth continuous conversation with someone who is outside of your friend or family unit, and can challenge you in all the right ways to help find a way through current difficulties you are facing. As it is spread across a day and fits around everything else you are doing, you can make notes and put some really good thought to your answers without the pressure of getting it in to a strict time frame. Zoe was refreshing, reassuring and supportive. I’ve taken lots of tips and activities away from the day to help me work through my struggles in a much more healthy and constructive way.



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When I started my coaching with Zoë, I was feeling stuck in a career I was unsure of and I was struggling to make changes due to my lack of confidence.  I had only recently heard about coaching so I was curious as to how it could help me. 

I was a bit nervous and unsure what to expect, but excited for a new challenge. After my first call with Zoë, I started to realise that things might actually change for me!

During our sessions, I realised I had been holding myself in negative space, but Zoë was able to
pull things out of me and helped me see situations in a different light. I really enjoyed how my goals were broken down into smaller actions so that they were less scary and overwhelming. I didn’t have to jump in and do it all straight away, it was about nudging myself a little further each time.


Since working with Zoë, I am more willing to do things without overthinking. Our time together gave me the push to care less about what other people think and just go for it! I’ve realised I’m quite good at being me and I don’t care what people think now - I don’t need the approval of anyone else!

The coaching series was fun, supportive and exciting - thank you for a fantastic 3 months!

Psst...see what members of The Introvert Clubhouse are saying!

The Introvert Clubhouse has helped me learn more about protecting my energy, set goals and take time out to support my mindset. It's also helped to remind me that there is nothing wrong with being a quiet introvert and to celebrate who I am!



Coach In My Pocket - 1:1 Coaching

12x 1:1 coaching sessions (4 hour window) held in Voxer

3x Monthly deep dives

Unlimited email support between sessions

Private dashboard with your action steps and resources

Handpicked resources and personalised meditations where appropriate

Access to The Introvert Clubhouse for 3 months

          Monthly workshops



          Guest Experts

          Audio Weekly Pep Talks

          Live coaching

1) Bonus Day of Coaching
2) Email support starting immediately.

Got questions?

Anything else?


Hit the chat button in the bottom right of your screen or you can email me at or DM me on Instagram @thepocketcoachuk 

When can we start?

Whenever you're ready!

Once I apply, what happens next?

I will look at your application and figure out if I am the right person to support you. If I'm not, I will tell you and suggest other coaches/professionals who may be better suited to your needs. If I am, hurrah! I will send you through your pre-coaching questionnaire so we can really dive into what's going on for you and your contract to sign. Once you have completed these and paid (either in full or your first installment) we will book in our first session.

How much does it cost? Is there a payment plan?

Of course! If you pay in full, your investment is the exclusive price of £700. You can also pay in installments: Over 3 months is £235 per month Over 6 months is £117 per month

What do I actually get?

Girl, so much! -12x 1:1 coaching sessions (4 hour window) held in Voxer -3x Monthly deep dives -Unlimited email support between sessions -Private dashboard with your action steps and resources -Handpicked resources and personalised meditations where appropriate -Access to The Introvert Clubhouse for 3 months PLUS: Your VIP bonus gets you an extra day of coaching valued at £199 for free! This can be used at anytime during your container or up to 2 months after.

How is your coaching 'introvert friendly'?

Most coaching is done over video calls and to a lot of people, it’s no biggie. But to the more restrained and socially sensitive among us, this can feel very overwhelming. A video chat? With a stranger? Where I’ll be asked deep questions? With no time to prepare? Yikes, no thanks! I want to make sure that during our sessions, you are comfortable to open up and ask the questions you need to.That you don’t feel rushed or pressured to give an answer to avoid an awkward silence.That you aren’t distracted by worrying about what I'm going to say next or ask! Our sessions are held in Voxer, a messaging app, so no calls in sight! the beauty of this is that you have space in between messages to reflect much more deeply, evaluate what is really going on for you and even declutter your brain of the outdated thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you from becoming your best, most successful, happy self.

Can we chat before I apply?

Of course! I offer a free service called Mini Pocket Pal where you can book a 30 minute slot to ask me absolutely anything! It is a great chance for you to explore your options, get clarity on what is going on for you and decide if I am the right coach for you. Don't worry - this doesn't tie you into anything and I will only suggest services that I think you could benefit from with your permission. Click here to book a slot.