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3 Common Mindset Blocks of Introverts... and How To Overcome Them!

We all experience struggles and blocks on our quest to happiness. Thoughts and feelings come up and we notice unhelpful patterns in our behaviour that have been holding us back.

Often, these thoughts and behaviours have become so ingrained that we don't even realise they're a part of the process. We feel like things are out of our control, that life is just difficult for us or even that what we want is more suited to other people.

When in reality, we simply need to shift our mindset.

Your mindset is your attitude and beliefs to the world around you and yourself. A positive mindset pushes you towards success and happiness whereas a negative mindset can limit you and hold you back.

Your mindset contributes to all areas of your life - your self-perception, your relationships, how you spend your time, your career and how you treat yourself.

Our mindset plays a fundamental part in whether or not we achieve our goals and realise our dreams, so if we have mindset blocks then this will have a negative impact for what we want to achieve. For introverts, some blocks are more common than others!


Living in a world designed for extroverts it's not surprising that we are more likely to suffer from comparisonitis!

"They're more interesting than me"

"I wish I was as confident as her"

"If I looked like her, I'd be outgoing too!"

You allow yourself to feel worthless by comparing yourself to someone who is as unique as you are. You feel like you should be more like them in order to be accepted and happy and in the process, make yourself feel like you aren't good enough.


When we compare ourselves, we are ignoring our strengths and the good in our lives. To do this, start by focusing on gratitude. Each day, either in the morning or before bed, think of something in your life or about yourself that you are grateful for. Writing these down on a piece of paper and popping them into a jar creates a beautiful mood boost for days when you need reminders! Spend some time recognising your accomplishments and the great qualities you possess - if you don't know what your strengths are, take my free quiz to find them out here.


"There's no space for peace when perfectionism is a priority." Christian Bosse

Perfectionism isn't always a bad thing! In fact, it can be healthy and motivating as long as we are using it in a positive way. However, more often than not for us introverts, it can sway very heavily into being unhealthy. We feel the need to prove ourselves and show that we can do things really well - like we need to prove ourselves and make up for the fact we aren't extroverts! You find it difficult to go beyond your comfort zone in case you make mistakes; or you push yourself to meet impossible standards you set for yourself - both make failure more likely!


If you find yourself being pulled into unhealthy perfectionism, spend some time with your thoughts to uncover why. You can even journal on this by asking yourself:

  • What am I hoping to achieve?

  • Will anyone else see all of the connections I see, or will they find my work satisfactory as is?

  • How will my life improve if I continue being this hard on myself vs. if I ease off and allow my energy to go to other places too?

  • Who am I really doing this for?


At some point in your life, you learnt to be suspicious of your talents and strengths. Maybe it came from a teacher criticising you for being to quiet and passive in class even though you worked hard. Or an employer not seeing your potential because you weren't loud like the rest of the team, even though you had great ideas.

Wherever it has come from, you allow it to continuously play over in your mind and dictate what you are capable of and stand in the way of your goals. However, this way of thinking isn't protecting you from failure...it's causing it! You give up without giving yourself a fair chance at succeeding.


Self doubt is simply fear that we've rationalised in our minds in the form of our inner critic. The best way to overcome it, is to call it out. The next time you find yourself doubting what you're capable of, recognise that this is simply your inner critic at play and not the voice of reason or sense - or even you! You can even give it a name and speak to it directly to diminish it's power - I call mine Miserable Myrtle.

These blocks may feel huge right now, but trust me, you can overcome them!

Once you recognise what's holding you back, you can start to break it down and start living a more fulfilling life.


Hi, I'm Zoë!

Proud introvert, life coach, cat mum & tea lover!

On my blog, you'll find my views and experiences on introvert life which I hope will help you understand yourself better, feel empowered and in love with who you are!

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