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Embracing The Quiet Life

Quiet living is about finding happiness in the calm, intentional moments. It's breaking free from distractions, drama or comparisons and being selective with how you spend your time and energy.

Let me start by saying living a quiet life doesn't mean staying home alone all the time and taking a vow of silence! You can still be a social person and live a quiet life. It's about breaking free from all the extra noise and distractions that can consume our lives so that you can focus on what really matters and what truly makes you happy.

Where do I start?

Making any lifestyle changes can feel a bit daunting at first. We like to stick to what we know, even if it's not necessarily what we want. To help you start embracing a quieter life, I suggest starting with getting clear on why you have a desire to live a quiet life. Connecting to the 'why' behind your desire for quiet living will help you become more focused on making it happen.

Start by making a list of why you are drawn to a quiet life. What about it is appealing to you and how will it improve your life?

Identify Your Distractions

As easily stimulated individuals, us introverts can get very overwhelmed when we have too many distractions - from social media, technology and even the people in our life. Take some time to identify what is taking time away from the things you really want to do.

You might want to look at how much time you are spending on your devices. Most phones will show you how much screen time you've been having. You can even see your activity time through the Instagram app and set a reminder to inform you when you reach your daily limit!

A quiet life is one free from distraction, drama and unnecessary negativity. Think about the people in your life from friends and family or colleagues. Do they add value to your life or are they a drain on your energy? Is your relationship with them easy or does it take a lot of effort?

As we grow throughout life, our relationships also grow. Some get stronger and others no longer serve us in the same way. It's ok to let go of people if the relationship has outgrown you and it's better in the long run for both of you.

Commit To Positivity

Let's be honest. Whether we've talked badly about someone or shared information that wasn't ours to share, we've all done it. It is part of the culture we live in but it doesn't make our lives any better. It holds us in a very negative mindset.

If you want to live a quieter life, avoid getting into negative conversations based on what other people are doing or saying.

Welcome The Calm

We are often made to feel like if we aren't busy, we aren't fulfilling our potential or living life to the full.

Allow yourself to slow down and welcome the quiet moments in life. It could be having your morning coffee either outside or by a window, meditating, drawing or painting, journaling or anything else that takes you away from life's noise and distraction and allows you to be still with your thoughts and yourself.

The next time you feel like you are filling your life with too much or simply feel like life is getting too noisy, pause. Often, we don’t realise we have the choice to stay quiet.

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