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Is Happiness A Myth?

Earlier this month I made the big announcement that I was re-niching (definitely a word!) to happiness coaching. Since I announced the change, I've had a few people ask me what happiness means to me and why I feel so strongly about it. So I thought what better way to kick off my new niche by starting right at the beginning…what is happiness?

What is happiness?

We all have different messages about what happiness is, but I think that's a good thing… happiness will look different for everybody! At the core, happiness is when you feel connected to who you are, you are living in alignment with your values, you feel content with where your life is but know you are constantly growing and improving and you feel like your life has purpose and is valued! We all deserve to feel happy and live the life we deserve and it's my mission to help you do that.

Happiness is when you feel connected to who you are...

What happiness isn't…

• Trying to be someone you're not • The amount of money in your bank account, the car your drive or the number of friends you have • A particular body type • Making others happy at the expense of your own • A constant, high emotion • Never feeling sadness or lows

How can you achieve happiness?

The first step is to accept that happiness is not a fleeting, euphoric feeling - this is pleasure! Pleasure is incredibly important for our happiness but they are very different things. Pleasure is a temporary high! If we expect to experience it all the time, we will only end up being disappointed and frustrated! Instead, appreciate those moments, be grateful for them but don't put pressure on yourself to be on a high all the time. Next take some time to think about the different areas of your life and where you don't feel content or fulfilled. Are there any gaps between where you are right now and where you want to be? A great tool for this is the life wheel. It allows you to asses the different areas of your life and see which areas you need to improve on. Finally, commit to taking action! Now that you know where some areas of your life aren't lighting you up, how can you make positive changes? Do you need to invest in your personal development? Or maybe look at ways to further your career? Or even deepen your existing relationships? Make a plan and start putting your happiness first!


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