The Happy Introvert Club

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The monthly membership to help introverts utilise their superpowers in order to show up authentically in their lives, build  strong relationships and feel at ease in any situation!

The Happy Introvert Club is perfect for you if...

⚡️You're ready to embrace your introversion in all it's glory so that you're no longer living a life of shame or guilt just for being you.

⚡️You're excited by personal development and learning new ways to uncover more about yourself.

⚡️You're craving support and accountability from a community of like-minded women who get you so that you feel confident to show up fully in all areas of your life!

⚡️You want to start living life in a way that motivates and inspires you rather than trudging along or doing what others expect.

⚡️Deep down you know you deserve to be happy, feel valued and accomplish your dreams, but just need some guidance on how to get there.

I was where you are!

Before I became a coach, I didn't really know who I was, or how to find out! I felt pretty alone because I didn't know anyone who was like me and I thought the answer to all my problems was to keep trying to fit into society's moulds. 


I had no idea how to start accepting myself but desperately wanted to be comfortable with who I was and start living the life I deserved. I bought self-help books, downloaded all the free resources I could get my hands on and signed up to countless mailing lists!


It wasn't until I worked with a coach who understood me and guided me to start working on my goals in my own way, that I was able to take back control of my life and start fulfilling my potential.

I founded The Happy Introvert Club so that women like me, and you, who who have never quite felt like they were made for this world. The people who’ve been told that they’re too sensitive, too quiet, too boring...  The people who can’t help but feel like a better world is possible.

The Happy Introvert Club provides affordable access to coaching, workshops, resources and guidance to start fulfilling your potential too!


What's included?


Accountability check-ins

Journal Prompts



Coaching Workshop


2x Live Q&A Coaching Sessions

Book Club Virtual Meeting

Exclusive Meditation Recording


Guest Experts

Reflection & Goal Setting Workshop


Private Member Community

Members Site With Access To All Resources

Exclusive Coaching Discounts

Your investment...





All the features of the standard monthly plan

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Access to the member area

Live monthly workshops

CBT & Coaching Resources


Private introvert community