Your Body, Your Rules

The four-week course to take you from self-conscious to self-assured!

Do you want to stop wishing you were someone else or feeling embarrassed about how you look?

​Are you tired of fighting who you are?

​Are you fed up of having to justify yourself to others, and yourself?

         ​Do you hide away and believe there is something wrong with you?

Do you feel limited by your body?

Are done with worrying about what people think of you?

​I feel you, because I was there too!

Ever since I was about 6, I have been faced with criticism about my appearance and personality. Eventually, all the criticisms became so ingrained that my inner mean girl took them to be fact and I lost the happy, free person I once was. 


I battled my body for years hoping that by having the 'perfect' body that this would somehow make up for my boring personality. Dieting, exercising, self-hating every single part of who I was. I soon realised that it wasn’t my body that needed work – it was my mind. I tried various things to improve my self-esteem and confidence but it wasn’t until I got a life coach that everything fell into place.

One of the goals I set with my first coach was

“I feel the freedom to be my true self and am comfortable to be fully seen.”

The day we had our last session, I cried because those words finally meant something. I felt them. I have learnt to love and appreciate the parts of me that I always believed were my flaws. 

And now I want to help you to make peace with your body and love the incredible woman you are, too. Through 1:1 coaching, I’ve helped amazing women just LIKE YOU, release old expectations to look and behave in a certain way and step into their unique power.

Imagine, that in just 4 weeks you...

⚡ Feel connected to yourself and accepting every part of who you are

⚡ Break free from what society expects you to be

⚡ Feel deserving of success and happiness

⚡ Truly believe that your worth is not tied to your appearance

⚡ Live life by your own rules

⚡ Are no longer concerned about what anyone else thinks of you

​⚡ Fulfil your potential in every aspect of your life

⚡ Show up with unshakeable self-esteem and self-belief

What is 'Your Body, Your Rules'?

"Your Body, Your Rules" is a 4 week self-paced program involving recorded masterclasses;  effective coaching resources and tasks and a like-minded community that has been designed to transform your confidence, uplift your self-esteem and elevate your self-belief. 


Through the recorded masterclasses and accompanying homework, I will challenge you to question the beliefs you have about your body and teach you strategies and techniques to conquer your self-esteem so you can be who you really are (not who you think you should be!)


 "Your Body, Your Rules" is not about loving every inch of your body but instead, is about taking a more neutral view of yourself. For example, if you have always felt embarrassed by your stretch marks (which are fabulous by the way!), rather than trying to force yourself to suddenly love them you will simply accept they exist. Body neutrality is the first step in nurturing your self-esteem.

I see you! I know you've downloaded the freebies, watched the webinars, maybe invested in a thing or two...but you haven't seen the results you want.


In YBYR, we'll be going deep to get rid of and blocks, limiting beliefs and fears around who you really are. From dismantling imposed beauty standards, to challenging your own behaviours and changing how you think and feel about yourself...I've got your back!

And the lifetime access means you can use these strategies over & over again!

What's Included?

Week 1 - The Problem With Body Image

In week one, we will focus on the ways you have been taught to hate your body, the mesages you may have recieved to make you feel unworthy and how you can start noticing the patterns and subtlety of diet culture

Week 2 - Your Current Habits

By week two, you'll be ready to start looking at how the messages from week one have affected your own thoughts and behaviour. We'll explore how you really see yourself and the ways you're holding yourself back.

Week 3 - Rewrite The Rules

Now that we've uncovered all the standards and expectations that have made you feel unworthy, we'll start rewriting them to give you back control of your life and happiness. You'll find a positive focus and start changing how you speak to yourself.

Week 4 - You're In Control

In your final week, you'll develop your own strategies to keep you feeling like you are in charge. You'll start seeing yourself for who you really are and appreciating everthing you bring to the world.

Got questions?

Email me at or DM me on Instagram @thepocketcoachuk if you have any other questions!

Will I have to speak/be on video for the masterclass?

Nope! The masterclasses have been pre-recorded so you will simply be watching!

How many hours do I need to commit to?

Each week is slightly different but you should expect to commit no more than 30-40 minutes to watch the masterclasses and then another 30-40 minutes for the homework tasks.
Remember, the more effort and time you put in, the bigger the transformation you will see! Everyone's circumstances are different and can change week to week but by setting consistent times just for you each week, you will see huge results.

I'm worried about the investment...

How much have you already invested, both emotionally and physically in your own happiness but still feel unworthy? How much has trying to fit in or be like everyone else already cost you? How many sacrifices have you made to keep everyone else happy? How many books, webinars and Youtube videos have you watched in the hope you can find the secret to 'fixing' yourself?

How much is it worth to feel good about yourself? To feel confident with who you are and how you look? To put yourself first and go after your own dreams and goals? To feel like you belong exactly as you are?
I say that because I know you’ve spent YEARS trying to do this on your own and you wouldn’t be here if that had worked. Investing in a coach and yourself is the fastest way to reach your goals. When fears come up like “I can’t afford it,” for some what you’re really saying is you don’t trust yourself to make this work…